About Us

During the 21st century we find our systems and the world around us changing with rapidity, bringing us face to face with newer realities, forcing us to renew and reset our objectives. An objective always has a commitment to the future.

It is with a commitment to the quest for excellence in the field of education that the renowned education consultancy house of the Target decided to Act and Start the Institute. Initially Target has been running its Institute since 1989 , vide name ; " TIMES.  2009 onwards Times has changed its name as Target Design Academy and Target Management Academy.

Today Target have come to recognised as pace-setting institution spread all over the country through its course curriculum introduced at grass root level in various Public Schools in India.

The Institute is consciously striving to achieve peaks of excellence in the academic field as well as in life itself through a large variety of well organised curricular and co-curricular programs and projects.

The Institute has always laid great stress on the development of creative & productive arts. This is reflected through wide spread introduction of Fashion Designing to 9th, 10th, 11th & 12th Standards Student in various Public Schools in India.

Gainful Vocational Training has also been a prime objective of the Target aimed at imparting practical vocational training to the young so that they can stand on their own feet and become productive and earning member of the Society.


The Institute has been established with distinct objectives so as:

To professionally equip the young entrepreneurs, prospective practicing business executives with the most modern management techniques, skills and education in order to meet the new challenges in the management of private & public sector organisations.

To enable participants to translate their experience into a source for structured learning, which can be applied to future decisions in a planned way.

To organize programs relating to the field of management and to develop an understanding of the specific areas of management at various levels with particular emphasis by systems approach;

To help the participants in developing arid understanding of the organisational behavior and to develop their personality so as to become more effective managers and to develop analytical and decision making capabiliti2s

To allow specialisation in functional areas of management.

To develop case studies, provide consultancy and conduct research aimed at better understanding of Management Dynamics in the context of Indian conditions.

To provide opportunities of interaction between students of the Institute and representatives of industry;

To disseminate information through publication of journals, magazine & Books.

With a growing need for vocational education the Target has now established an institute providing gainful vocational training to men & women. The centre provides an atmosphere conducive to spontaneous development of creativity amongst its students. With emphasis on Employment/Self Employment Oriented Courses, the centre aims at providing a meaningful specialised vocational education. Excellent facilities in the shape of workshops related to different courses where students can actually express their creative ideas have been provided. The centre is also providing exposure to its students through holding exhibitions, fashion shows, seminars, which would in turn expose the students to the Industry & Society.

Our Achievements


1905 students Succeeded so far from our Delhi Centre in India's premier Design Colleges entrance exams


Our Team


Aroon Satija


Sumit Basu

Faculty [Maths]

C.T. Kale

Faculty [M.Tech. MBA]
Dilip Kar

Dilip Kar

Visiting Faculty [ M.Arch- SPA- Product Design], B.Arch