Over view of the Course


The exhaustive course has been designed to meet the demands of the profession and structured in such a manner that it will cover all aspects of Interior Design and Decoration which will bring it at par with 3 years of other Institutes. The course covers the aspects of Drawing instruments and their uses, Lines, lettering and dimensions, types of lines requirements of good lettering, sizes of letters and numerical, space between letters, theory of projections, system of projection planes, first angle projection, third angle projections, quadrants, orthographic projections, plan, elevation, sections of simple objects, isometric view. Perspectives: method of drawing one-point perspective, method of drawing two-point perspective. Mastering the use of graphic ink pens, giving the effect of various textures. Students will learn what a color wheels and how to use it, how one color effects another, color balance and to set up a color scheme to suit the purpose. Students will be getting knowledge how to select artwork, ways of framing and placing artwork and learn how to create mural effects. In basic design students will learn about design and human perception elements of design and design concepts. The coverage will be on how to make the plans various elevations and a 3-dimensional view of the rooms, color them and make presentation drawings. You will be taught about the furniture arrangements in rooms and minimum clearances required between various furniture's. Students will be getting exposure on making the plans of various types of kitchens and learn the basic work triangle making one 3 - dimensional view. Students will learn designing cupboards and wall units and learn about space saving ideas. You will also learn about other space saving furniture like bunk beds. Students will be taught about the various types of lighting used to enhance your interiors and which lighting is used for what purpose. Students will be getting knowledge about the various joining details used in wood work and design furniture's like an executive chair, table, cot showing their joinery details, their texture and make their 3-dimensional view. The various types of partitions, make working drawings learn about paneling and false ceiling, make sectional views which will be of use in office designs in particular. The coverage will be on estimation contracts, tenders for interior work. You will also be taught how to make approximate estimates of your house layouts. Students will be getting exposure on how to make layout drawings showing air conditioners, learn about the various types of air conditioners like split and window A/C s. Students would begin with complete projects in:- office design. Shops and showroom design. Restaurants. Students will have to make surveys/visit concerning the above projects. Make working drawings, one presentation view and the detailed rendering in pen water colors and pencil color. You will sketch human figures and learn to incorporate them in the presentation or 3-dimensional view. Students will be taught the details of windows, false ceiling, partitions and paneling and types of staircases. Students will be taught about Wall display, Show window display, Show room display, Practical display. Students will get to know about various house plants, decorative plants, their usage and where to place which plant depending upon the amount of sunshine. Students will be taught how to make beautiful landscape designs which is a integral part of good interiors.

Duration of the Program  -  1 year / 2 year

Course Fee : Rs.38000/- per annum [ for regular program]

Postal Program fee - Rs.8500/- per annum [Students Residing in India]



Please note that there will be no class room program for postal course


For any specific query on admission and programmes, Contact in Person with Prior Appointment.