Over view of the Course


The Export of Garments between 1962 of 2012 increased by over 400%. It has created a great demand for young Fashion Designers in the trade. The course has been Designed to give an overall comprehensive exposure to all aspects Designing and Manufacturing of garments. After Qualifying this diploma course the students can get employment with garment exports Designers, Fashion Coordinators, Sampling In charge, Pattern Makers, Fashion Illustrators, Merchandisers etc. Students can also start their own freelance practice and earn sufficiently in spare time. The course covers the aspects of Basic Design, Object Drawing, Basics of Stitching, Embroidery, History of Art, Life Sketching, Illustration, Design Idea, History of Indian Art/ Fashion, Fabric Science, Fashion Illustration, Pattern Drafting, Design Idea, Garment Manufacturing, Garment Designing Pattern Drafting and Grading Layout & Consumption, Textile Designing, Fashion Merchandising, Consumer Behavior.  Garment Export Management, Fashion Forecasting, International Marketing, Fashion Management Principles,  Project Work / Viva, Industrial Training.


Duration of the Program  -  1 year / 2 year

Course Fee : Rs.38000/- per annum [ for regular program]

Postal Program fee - Rs.8500/- per annum [Students residing in India]



Please note that there will be no class room program for postal course


For any specific query on admission and programmes, Contact in Person with Prior Appointment.