• Design can't be taught but it is inherited. We at TDA does not teach design but motivate the students which inoculates the passion of Arts & Design technically in every student.
  • We have well qualified experienced faculties in line with academics & industry oriented. A highly experienced faculties for teaching required subjects .
  • Our faculties are from different reputed design & management institutes.
  • one to one coaching is provided to students which helps students understand the concept deeply and clearly.
    Students are given flexible timings according to their convenience and comfort.
  • The professional method of teaching is adopted with the well qualified and experienced faculties in the specialized area.
  • With the combination of lifestyle trend and industry demand the materials for the course are always modified. Continuous evaluation and assessment is undertaken throughout the¬†coaching and training period.
  • We are always focused on developing a new and innovative methods of teaching through which the talent and intellect of our students shapes in the better way and all this happens in the stress-free environment.
  • The study materials for different competitive design exams are first researched and prepared by our expert faculty which is updated every now and then. Quality of study materials depends upon its content and depth of knowledge in it and does not on the display of results everywhere.
  • TDA provide quality materials to the students which helped the students face the exams with more confidence and assure their seat in reputed design colleges.
  • Our module for different design exams is designed for 100 hours. The students are still allowed to attend after 100 hours as design requires creativity so it can't be tied down to limited hours. Students are then given practice after the regular course sessions are over which is termed revision classes.

For any specific query on admission and programmes, Contact in Person with Prior Appointment.