Deepti Halder

Deepti Halder [ CEED-IIT- Mumbai -M.Des]

  • I feel very fortunate for having met one the best, not just teacher but also a great friend Mr. Aroon Satija. Words will never be enough to express the experience about my sojourn at his institute.
  • I wish him all the very best. May everyone find a tutor like him. I strongly feel he must coach other tutors to become like him. ................................

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Rahul Deshpande

Rahul Deshpande [NID-PG]

  • I would like to take this opportunity to thank Target Design Academy (TDA) for making me reach my dream institution NID & thereby lifting my carrier path dramatically high. I got three very important from TDA things that helped me to reach my goals. .............

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Arushi Gupta

Arushi Gupta [ B.Arch-NATA - IPU]


When I decided to pursue architecture as a career  , I was sceptical and had my own doubts. Then I was advised to join Target Design Academy. As they say  ‘ A good start to a task is half the Battle won’. Mine was just the case.

With unmatchable guidance and support TDA is undoubtedly the best institute. The two months spent there would be cherished long enough. I thank TDA for helping me take the first step to success. .....................................

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Agrima Nagar

Agrima Nagar [NID -PG UID]

The right guidance, the correct support and a whole lot of hard work is all what you find your self surrounded with @ TARGET DESIGN ACADEMY. ..........................

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Himanshu Seth

Himanshu Seth [M.Des - IIT Guwahati]

The vast experience of Aroon sir in the design field makes the journey a lot more easier.

I would recommend all Ceed aspiring students to consider his guidance. ..........................

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Saee Vaze

Saee Vaze [MIT-ID - Communication Design]

Target (formerly known as Times) was possibly the best thing to happen to me in high school, when I decided I was interested in Design as a career. And I\'m immensely thankful to Satija sir for being a good teacher and guide and helping me to get into the field with an open mind. ........................

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Medhavini Yadav

Medhavini Yadav [NID -PG]

I am really thankful to you and TDA from the bottom of my heart for making all this possible for me. Aroon Sir creates an environment which forces you to take out the best from you. It was his encouragement and support that made me perform towards fulfilling my dreams. ......................

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Deepak Gupta

Deepak Gupta [NID - PG]

Aroon Sir has got a different style of teaching, I got nourished in a manner that I didn’t realize when I learned things and got through NID. ..................

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Aakanksha Mahajan

Aakanksha Mahajan [B.Arch - Nata]

Target design academy has helped me clear my nata entrance exam and i am grateful to Aroon sir for imparting a great amount of knowlegle in such small span of time. He has helped me score better in just 7 classes and broadened my perspective.

Thank you Aroon sir and TDA.

Sakshi Rathore

Sakshi Rathore [ NIFT-PG]

When I think about the preparation for NIFT competition only one name comes to my mind that is 'Target Design Academy'.

TDA used to guide me at every step and also motivated me regularly to perform to the best of my capabilities and achieve what I aspire for.................

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Abhinav Gupta

Abhinav Gupta [NID-PG]

I would like to thank Aroon sir and TDA for their guidance. Aroon Sir has been in this business long enough to know the format of NID CEED exams in-and-out.............

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Arjun Mittal

Arjun Mittal [MIT-ID-Product Design]

hello sir. TDA classes are really intutive and educating. It really improved my sketching and conceptualising skills. TDA leaves no stone unturned to get you into the best design college possible.

Sudha Palepu

Sudha Palepu [NID - UG - Exhibition Design]

TIMES, now called TARGET, to me was never a coaching class. It was the place where I found encouragement to be able to bring out the best in me. Aroon sir, by his way of engaging his students in numerous discussions and stories made it an amazing journey for me, ....

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Mahendra Lalwani

Mahendra Lalwani

[father of Pallavi Lalwani]
Mr Satija is Good Teacher and Mentor. Any one looking to be a fashion designer or an Architect if mentored by Mr Satija will surely get through the entrance exams..

Aprajita Barai


Aparajita Barai [NID -Communication Design]

Its said when the disciple is ready the guru appears...had it not been Aroon Sir advice and encouragement I wud have may be still decieving myself trying to be a doctor...........................

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Ashish Bansal

Ashish Bansal [B.Arch Student]

Respected Satija Sir and all the team of Target Design Academy. I am thankful to you all from the bottom of my heart for creating that environment or atmosphere which helped me to improve a lot. ......

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Deepak Bhatia

Deepak Bhatia [CEED-IIT-Product Design]

[Working as Automobile Designer]

Mr Aroon Satija proved to be a pivotal step without whom I couldn't have been where I am. ...............

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Abhinav Mithal

Abhinav Mithal [B. Arch-GGSIPU]
the coaching classes were extrmely helpful. i had lots of fun learning the different perspective views , their theory.i also learned about the terms of things that we use everyday.

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Ritika Bohra

Ritika Bohra [MIT-ID -Communication Design]

The coaching at Target Design Academy [Previous known as TIMES] helped me a lot in opening up my creativity and making me keep exploring my own potential.................

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Ankit Tyagi

Ankit Tyagi [MIT- Product Design]

When i started looking places to prepare i dint even knew that there is a field called product design but through the curriculum that Mr Satija had designed it made me clear what i want to do and how to do it.

Arun Baghel

Arun Baghel [CEED-IIT]
I would Like to thank Mr. Aroon Satija Sir for guiding me to think out of the box and stretch my creative limits above my peers.

Aakriti Kaul

Aakriti Kaul [B. Arch -DBCR]
Target Design Academy creates an ambience which provides opportunities for growth.It provides a friendly environment where a student's opinions and capabilities are considered while teaching.The academy equips the students to tread on the untrodden path with internal motivation to take success.

Arushi Kulkarni

Arushi Kulkarni [MIT-ID - Communication Design]
Target design academy has helped shape the design student that I am right now. It has a very personalised approach toward learning, which is how design should be taught. .................

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Gaurika Grover

Gaurika Grover [B. Arch]
It has been a great experience. The Course here has taught me to think beyond the usual and improve my imaginative skills .It was a very knowledgeable experience. My sir mr.aroon satija was very helpful ,cooperative and guided me thoughout my whole coaching process.

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Uttara Garg

Uttara Garg [NIFT-UG]

I highly recommend Target Design Academy as the first stepping stone for a career in design. these classes gave me a rich insight to help me crack the exams. There is a strong focus on self learning rather than rote spoon feeding. Thanks a lot sir

Jagriti Thakkar

Jagriti Thakkar [B.Arch-GGSIPU]

TDA...Target Design Academy, the correct place to get your Architecture entrance coaching done... and Aroon Satija Sir, the correct person to guide you...

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Charu Wadhawan

Charu Wadhawan [NIFT]

Aroon sir helped me to prepare for entrance exam in a short time of 2 months. Even though I was late in starting preparation,with sir\'s guidance I was able to catch up on all aspects quickly.

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More to come...............