Saee Vaze

Saee Vaze [MIT-ID - Communication Design]


Target (formerly known as Times) was possibly the best thing to happen to me in high school, when I decided I was interested in Design as a career. And I\'m immensely thankful to Satija sir for being a good teacher and guide and helping me to get into the field with an open mind.

Target\'s teaching style of \'no spoon-feeding\' not only helped me prepare for the academic method of design college which includes all the hard-work and skill, but also ended up developing my ability to understand problems and think of a variety of solutions - not something you learn in school.

Apart from the mockĀ  exams and interview practices that take place at Target, long conversations with Satija sir remind you about ethical practices, humility and empathy which are all just as important as any work one does.