A lump sum amount of Rs.1,00,000/- will be charged as signing amount as one time fee for developing the set up  per  center.   
2. An Investment of Rs. 4 to 5 lacs
3.              A Royalty of 15% per annum which will be paid on monthly basis by the Franchise on total receipt of the month.  


Diploma Certificate will be Issued by the Principle Office.  


Apart from royalty, franchise will have to bear the expenses of Diploma Certificate Charges as per details appended      below:-a] One Year or less than One Year Courses-Rs.50/- per Certificate.  b] Two Year Courses- Rs.100/- per Certificate c] Three Year Courses- Rs.150/- per Certificate. 
6 All Printing & Stationery expenses such as letter heads,  leaflets, pamphlets etc. will be either provided by the Head office on the cost of Franchise or printed by the Franchise themselves on their cost.  
7. Prospectus will be provided by the Head Office on the cost of Franchise.  
8. All tax liability of the Branch will be borne by Franchise themselves.  
9 All other Government formalities/expenses etc. can be taken care of by the Franchise themselves.
10. Staff / faculty liability will be borne by the Franchise.  But appointment of the faculty will be with due consideration of the Principle office.  
11. Course Material will be provided by the Principle office.  No alteration can be made by the Franchise.  The cost of the course material will be borne by the franchise.  
12. All sorts local publicity expenses will be borne by the franchise themselves.  
13. Territory will be assigned by the Principle office only.  
14. Agreement will be made minimum for a period of 3 years.  It can be renewed as  per mutually agreed terms.  
15. Details of Monthly Receipt should be given to Head Office.  
16.  Minimum Space required for running Franchise should be 600 sq.ft. TO 1000 SQ.FT.  
17. Regarding National Publicity in Newspapers, Magazines such as Hindustan Times, Times of India, Indian Express, Competition Success Review, Competition Master, Delhi Press Publications, Femina etc. the cost of which will be shared by the franchisee to the tune of 20% of cost of the advertisement. Local publicity will be handled by the franchisee themselves on their own cost.  
18. Infrastructure Cost such as Plant & Machinery, Furniture Fixtures will be borne by  the Franchise.  
19.  Minimum one telephone facility required for running the office activity.  
20. Franchise can utilize our logo, name etc. for running our branch in their territory.  
21.  Training to faculty will be provided by the principle on the cost of franchise.  
For more details person/organization interested can contact our Delhi office personally.



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