Over view of the Course


The Fast growth of the Industry has given birth to a number of Advertising Agencies. Each Manufacturer tries to attract and reach out to the public in his own way by advertising his product. To produce a proper impact on the public by means of Advertising, one has to acquire certain skills in the basics. The exhaustive course has been designed to meet the demands of the profession and structured in such a manner that it will cover all aspects of commercial art which will bring it at part with 3 years of other Institutes.

The course covers the aspect of Basic Design, Object Drawing, Color Behavior, Life Drawing, Illustration, Outdoor Sketching, Sketching & Illustration, Design Idea, Life Drawing/Outdoor, Lettering & Typography Space Organization, Designing of Logo & Symbols, Designing of Stationery, Posters, Catalogue, Window Display, Mini Campaign, Visualization, Advertising & Marketing, Printing Technology, Press Lay Out, Book Illustration/Campaign.



Duration of the Program  -  1 year / 2 year


Course Fee : Rs.38000/- per annum [ for regular program]


Postal Program fee - Rs.8500/- per annum [Students Residing in India]



Please note that there will be no class room program for postal course


For any specific query on admission and programmes, Contact in Person with Prior Appointment.