Arushi Gupta


Arushi Gupta [ B.Arch-NATA - IPU]


When I decided to pursue architecture as a career  , I was sceptical and had my own doubts. Then I was advised to join Target Design Academy. As they say  ‘ A good start to a task is half the Battle won’. Mine was just the case.

Under the esteem guidance of Mr. Satija  ,no weakness was difficult to overcome. His ability to understand each student at a personal level is commendable. He deals with his students with utmost patience, clearing the tiniest of doubts. He taught me to focus on building concepts rather than superficial learning. Most importantly he was a moral support, giving lessons not just to clear NATA but lessons vital for life. It was in TDA where I realized the power of power and positive thinking.

With unmatchable guidance and support TDA is undoubtedly the best institute. The two months spent there would be cherished long enough. I thank TDA for helping me take the first step to success.

Warm  Wishes.