Deepti Halder

Deepti Halder [ CEED-IIT- Mumbai -M.Des]

  • I feel very fortunate for having met one the best, not just teacher but also a great friend Mr. Aroon Satija. Words will never be enough to express the experience about my sojourn at his institute.
  • I have always been very workaholic, sincere etc. but that wasn't enough . Someone coming from a very small and isolated place generally makes you a big fish in a small pond. Then a day comes where one is exposed to an ocean and world goes upside down and severely unpredictable.
  • That's where I think teacher's play a vital role. My parents were aware of such condition and Mr. Aroon Satija exactly knew the solution. Not only does he understand every student at a personal level but gets down at their level and work together.
  • Together we conquer our fears, insecurities, strengths and many more. What else does an individual require, if the foundation is taken care everything else will takes care of itself. Which is why I loved his classes. It were not like school days where teacher's will expect nothing but 3 digits in your mark sheet as a priority. Not to mention those endless extra classes. The best part is you will never see Mr. Satija taking classes the traditional way. its just different.
  • I feel more evolved as a person after meeting him. I should say his institute is more than coaching classes as its a mere term used for commercial purpose.
  • I wish him all the very best. May everyone find a tutor like him. I strongly feel he must coach other tutors to become like him.
  • Thank you for all the guidance and being the best teacher one can ever have.
    Warm regards, Deepti Halder