What is ATMA ?

ATMA is a standard test to assess the aptitude of candidates for Management Education. The test is run by the Association of Indian Management Schools (AIMS), which is a network of over 600 management schools in the country. AIMS represents Indian Management Schools in the international fora and is also associated with many committees of the government or its agencies looking at policies relating to management education.

ATMA has nothing to do with the admission process of different management schools, which accept its scores. Candidates who takes ATMA do not automatically get considered for admission by the management schools that accept ATMA scores for their admission unless they apply to them directly.

In other words, scores of ATMA test are accessible to those institutions which are members. However, students must fill up applications of institutes where they want to be considered.

What is the link between the ATMA and admission process of institutions ?

ATMA is a test essentially assessing the aptitude of students for management education. Over 100 management institutions accept ATMA scores for their admission processes. However, at specific times of the year, lists of such PIs (Participating Institutes) may go down or up. Please check on the website both lists. Such lists will also be available on ATMA ONLINE portal. It is upto individual management institutes to decide how they will use ATMA scores. Both AIMS and ATMA do not have nor intend to have any information relating to the admission processes of different institutions. This has to be clearly understood. Each student who takes ATMA can apply to any of the schools, which have announced publicly in newspaper announcements or brochure/website that they accept ATMA scores.

What are different subjects on which canditates are tested ?

ATMA checks the aptitude of the students for management education through three major elements:

  1. Quantitative Skills
  2. Analytical Reasoning
  3. Verbal Skills


Participating Institute

There are 73 institute participating in entrance exam for admission to Management courses.

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