Over view of the Course


The course aims at providing a comprehensive coverage including all important subject areas & disciplines relevant to International Marketing operations. It includes the aspect of International Marketing of Garments, Identification of Export Markets, Product Development & Adaptation, Export Pricing, Selection of Agents, and other distribution channels, procurement for exports, Settlement of Trade Disputes, Marketing information system, marketing logistics, economic systems & Foreign Trade, India's foreign trade, Export -Import Procedures & Documentations, Registration formalities, Quota Policy, Payment terms, export finance, marine  insurance Quality control & pre-shipment inspection, role of AEPC etc.


Duration of the Program  -  6 months  / 1 year

Course Fee : Rs.38000/- per annum [ for regular program]

                    Rs.22000/- for 6 months program

Postal Program fee - Rs.7500/- per annum [Students residing in India]



Please note that there will be no class room program for postal course.

For any specific query on admission and programmes, Contact in Person with Prior Appointment.