Sir JJ College of Applied Arts


The Institute conducts the following courses.

  Name of the Course Duration

Degree Course of Bachelor of Fine Arts

(Applied Art)

4 Years

Post Graduate Course in Master of Fine Arts

(Applied Art) 2 Years in the subjects :-

i) Illustration,

ii) Typography

2 Years

Apprentice Training Course

i) Photography,

ii) Interior Decoration

1 Year

The First Year of the Degree Course B.F.A. (Applied Art) is designed to assist students in developing the proficiency and motivation to sustain a high level of achievement through the individual work. Strong emphasis is placed upon the “Learning by Doing” and students are expected to challenge their abilities and extend their experience by addressing problems and broadening the range of their working methods. In this year students are introduced to the fundamentals of Applied Art.

Specialization program starts from the Second year onwards, where the students are also introduced to the elective subjects:

a) Lettering and Typography,

b) Illustration,

c) Photography,

d) Computer Graphics,

e) Exhibition Design and Display.

Third year students have to select any one elective of their choice which they have to study till the Final Year alongwith the Communication Design.

The intake capacity is of 20 students per elective subject. The students have also to prepare a Dissertation or Project Report on their elective subjects. Drawing is regarded as a continuously valuable discipline and source of idea, provision is made for it at all stages of the present course.


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