SNDT Women's University

Target Design Academy provides coaching classes for SNDT Women'sUniversity entrance exam.  The details of SNDT Women's University is as under.


The year 1896 marks the beginning of a new era in the history of women’s education in India when Dr. Dhondo Keshav Karve established an ashram for widows and helpless women at Hingne near Pune. He realized that to make these women self-sufficient, self- reliant and self- confident, schooling was essential at the ashram.Karve launched a programme of schooling at ashram, which latter became regular school for girls and women. In a society governed by age old customs and conservative attitudes towards women, an institution of this type was bound to face social and economic difficulties. He had a dream of establishing women’s university and his friends sent him a booklet on the Japanese women’s university at Tokyo. In December 1915 Karve in his presidential address to the National Social reform Congress at Bombay announced his decision to shape his dream into reality. and in 1916 the first college started with the enrollment of five students which gradually took shape as women’s university. Karve did not wait for the Government permission for funds.


The vision of Maharashi Karve and the foresight of Sir Vithaldas Thackersey led to the establishment of the first Women’s University in India. Recognizing the pioneering work of Dr. Karve . Sir Vithaldas Thackersey made a generous contribution of Rs. 15 lacs to commemorate the memory of his mother, Nathibai. In 1920 after the great benefactor’s mother Nathibai, the University was named as Shreemati Nathibai Damodar Thackersey Women’s University.

B. Design (4 Years )
B. Design with following specializations (4 Years )
      a. Fashion Design
      b. Fashion Communication
      c. Lifestyle
      d. Textile Design
B.Sc. Jewelry Design (3 Years )
Eligibility - 10+2 From recognized Board or Equivalent

Post Graduate Programmes

PGD Fashion Retail Management (2 Years)– SOFT/SFI
PGD Apparel Manufacturing & Merchandising (2 Years)- SFI
PGD Fashion Design (2 Years)- SFI
Eligibility - Graduation from recognized University or Equivalent



1 .Department of Fashion Design S.N.D.T.

S.N.D.T. Women's University Department of Fashion Design was set up in 1976 since then it has been one of the leading Fashion Institute in India. In 2006, Degree programme was started to train its students to excel and meet the needs of ever growing fashion industry.

Programmes: Degree Course
1.B. Fashion Design - 4 Years Seats - 25

2. Department of Jewellery Design and Manufacture

S.N.D.T. Women's University Department was set up in 1995 under the expert consultant from UK. This Department served the industry with qualified professional for more than a decade. This course is first in Asia under the S.N.D.T. Women's University, Mumbai.

Programmes: Degree Course
1.B.Sc. Jewellery Design - 3 Years Seats - 25

3. School of Fashion Technology, Pune

Maharshi Karve Stree Shikshan Samstha’s School of Fashion Technology, Karve Nagar, Pune another affiliated college of S.N.D.T. situated in Pune is a state of art college which has established its benchmark in the field of fashion on National as well as International level.

Programmes: Degree Course
1. B. Design - 4 Years Seats - 60
2. B. Design with specializations: - 4 Years Seats - 60
a. Fashion Design.
b. Fashion Communication.
c. Textile Design.
d. Lifestyle.
Postgraduate (Diploma Course):
1.Fashion Retail Management - 2 Years Seats- 30

4. S.D.P.S Women’s College, Indore

S.D.P.S Women’s college, Indore was set up in the year 2003 under the aegis of Smt. Dhairya Prabhadevi Sojatia women’s welfare society with an affiliation to the renowned S.N.D.T .Women’s University, Mumbai. The college offers specialized and rofessional education for women, thus opening for them, lucrative career options and making them realize the concept for self-dependence, with exposure to internationals and national project work.

Programmes: Degree Course
1. B. Design - 4 Years Seats - 40

5. Satyam Fashion Institute, Noida

SFI offers professional education programmes at Under Graduate and Post Graduate levels. SFI is a unique institution with many problem-solving capabilities, depths of intellect and a time-tested, creative educational culture in promoting design competencies and setting standards of design education. The rigorous development of the designer’s skills and knowledge through a process of ‘hands on minds on’ is what makes the difference.

Programmes: Degree Course
1. B. Fashion Design (4 years) Seats - 60
2. B. Fashion Communication (4 years) Seats – 60
Programmes: Postgraduate (Diploma course)
1. PGD Fashion Retail Management (2 years) Seats - 40
2. PGD Apparel Manufacturing & Merchandising (2 years) Seats-40
3. PGD Fashion Design (2 years) Seats - 40

Common Entrance Exam - first week of JUNE

The fashion industry is fast growing and has equally challenging opportunities as in various other sectors such as IT Engineering, thus even in this field, competitive and diligent manpower is required. Therefore, in order to serve the industry with industrious human resources, the S.N.D.T. University has acquired a system wherein the students will be selected based on and entrance examination, so that the most deserving candidates are selected and groomed to be focus fashion professionals of tomorrow. The examination will be conducted in almost 16 different cities of the country during first week JUNE.


B.Design (Fashion Design / Fashion Communication/ Lifestyle & Textile Design)(4 Years )
B.Sc. Jewelry Design (3 Years )
Sr. Test Marks Time / Duration
1 General Ability Test (GAT)
1) Quantitative Ability
2) Communication Ability
3) English Comprehension
4) Analytical Ability
5) General Knowledge
40 1 hr. Duration
2 Creative Ability Test (CAT) 60 1 hr. 30 mins. Duration
Total 100 2 Hours 30 Minutes


P.G.DIPLOMA (Fashion Design / Fashion Retail Management / Apparel Manufacturing & Merchandising)

Sr. Test Marks Time / Duration
1 General Ability Test
1) Quantitative Ability
2) Communication Ability
3) English Comprehension
4) Analytical Ability
5) General Knowledge and Current Affairs
30 30 mins. Duration
2 Managerial Ability Test (MAT)
1) Case Study
2) Logical Ability
30 1 hr Duration
3 Creative Ability Test (CAT) 40 1 hr. Duration
Total 100 2 Hours 30 Minutes



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